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Leroy Wears Pink
In this delightful children's book, Mr. Crawford takes on the subject of breast cancer as seen through the eyes of a twelve year old child.

Although faced with his own personal family tragedy, Leroy explains to Pee-Wee his take on this dreaded disease.

Upon arriving at his class, Leroy's teacher and classmates show their support for him and his mother much to his suprise. And he is suddenly aware that he and his mother are not alone in this battle.

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Leroy's Valentine
It's valentine's week, and all week long, Nia, Leroy's new classmate, has been hinting to Leroy about her being his valentine.
Find out how Nia reacts when Leroy wears his new cap with Nia's former school logo on it.
Why did Leroy change his mind about Nia?
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Leroy's Kwanzaa Lesson
Find out how Leroy is taught the Seven Guiding Principles of Kwanzaa, and his desire to celebrate the African Festival in his home.

This children's book is designed to educate both children and adults on the world-wide celebreation of this ancient African celebration, and it's impact on a very interested Leroy.
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The Candlestick Parable
Daddy Bill has never been one to toot his own horn or to blow his own whistle. But the day finally came when he was recognized for an honorable act that he thought had been long forgotten. | Book Details... |


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Leroy's New bike Leroy's New Bike
It was only a few days left before Leroy's birthday and Mrs. Johnson was growing weary that she would not be able to purchase the new bike she promised to her son. Frantically, she goes to Daddy Bill for help on what she should do. | Book Details... |


The Christmas Prayer

The Christmas Prayer
It was Christmas time and Leroy so dearly wanted a Christmas tree so that his house would have the smell of Christmas. However, Leroy’s mother made it clear to him that purchasing a Christmas tree was not in the budget. | Book Details... |


The Greatest Commandment The Greatest Commandment
Leroy learns the Ten Commandments and can recite them one-by-one. He thinks he knows them all until he is faced with persecution from friends.

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The Miraculous Teacakes The Miraculous Teacakes
It’s Leroy’s big day! His mom has promised to take him to the circus. He arises early Saturday morning anxiously preparing for his trip. But then he discovers that his mom is suddenly not feeling well. Oh, No! What is he going to do? | Book Details... |


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